Our Reviews

Beaglier Puppy
I have recently brought our first puppy into our home. After much research I found the beaglier would be perfect. I found Happy Hill online and quickly realized that Hannah was so easy to deal with. We got Shelby at 7 weeks old after Hannah and her family drove her to me! It is obvious that this puppy was loved and cared for!! She was playful, friendly and in perfect health. I couldn't have been happier with the whole experience and would recommend Happy Hill to anyone.
~ Stefanie, NJ

Our Lab Puppy, Izzy!
We were so pleased with our experience with Happy Hills Pups. We already have a black lab, Wyatt, but we felt that he was very lonely and needed a friend. We started searching for another lab to keep him company and we came upon Happy Hills Pups. We immediately got in contact with Hannah after seeing all the cute yellow lab puppies. She answered all of our questions and concerns thoroughly and scheduled us a time to go and see Izzy. When we got there, Izzy was in perfect health and condition, and Hannah and her family were all so very nice! They told us everything we needed to know and provided us with all of Izzy's paperwork. The whole process went smoothly and we could not have asked for better people to get our beautiful puppy from! Izzy is now 3 months and 2 weeks old, and we love her so much, and so does Wyatt! Hannah and her family are great people, and in the future when it comes to buy another lab, we will know exactly who to turn to! 
~ Ashlee and Clayton, TN

Superb service - amazing puppy!!
I had such a great experience with Hannah Washburn and Happy Hills Pups. I was unsure what breed of pup I wanted so after a Google search I came up with a new designer breed called a Beaglier from a breeder in Tennessee. I left a message and the call was returned that night. Good start! After my first conversation with Hannah I knew that it was meant to be for me to purchase a Beaglier and to work with Happy Hills. Hannah kept in touch with me regularly, emailing updated pictures and notes about my new pup. I was also very pleased that they actually delivered him personally by van to New York. Well, Tango is an amazing little rockstar! He was healthy, happy, obedient, and most of all - well adjusted. Hannah and her family was nothing less than spectacular in all aspects of this purchase. I have whole-heartedly recommended them to at least five other parties. HH was reasonable, dependable, professional, and extremely courteous. They receive my highest recommendation!! 

Labrador Pup
I recently bought a labrador retriever from Happy Hill Pups. The experience couldn't have been any better. Hannah sent pictures of the puppy so we could see her before we picked her up. They are very trustworthy and go out of their way to help in any way. The new puppy is in perfect health and has been a wonderful addition to our family.
~ Ruth-Marie, KY

Breeder That Goes Above And Beyond For Customers
I recently purchased my first puppy from Hannah at Happy Hills. I had a lot of questions and Hannah was always available and willing to answer everything; no matter how big or small my question was. We are from NY, so she was also able to do a special delivery to our area to deliver the puppy and his puppy mates to other local puppy owners. When meeting the breeders, I could tell how genuine they are about the service they provide. They pay close attention to detail with everything from providing all the necessary paperwork on the vaccinations, to registering the dogs with the appropriate canine club, to providing starter food, a collar, a leash, and a piece of a blanket that has the puppies mother's scent on it. Also, her family is a nice large family with many children, so it's comforting to know that in the first few weeks of the puppies’ new life he/she is spending it with a very pleasant and solid family :) I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a puppy! :)
~ Heather, NY

Coton de Tulear Puppy
Hannah and her family were great! We were sent photos of our puppy weekly and were kept up to date on her. They met us half way and delivered the puppy and papers. Our coton was in great condition; happy, playful, and just super cute. Thank you!
~ Jimmy, TN

Beaglier puppy
Hannah contacted me through a posting when my husband and I started looking for a Beaglier puppy. She was helpful every step of the way and we found exactly what we were looking for. The Happy Hill Pups blog is great, Hannah worked with our schedule for delivery and she also sent pictures when we asked. The delivery option is wonderful! Our puppy has a great demeanor and has been great with children, bigger dogs and cats.
~ Katy, VA

We Love Our New Lab Puppy From Happy Hill Pups
We were searching for a labrador puppy as a gift for our daughter when we stumbled upon the ad for Happy Hill Pups. Hannah was very knowledgable and helpful during our search. Because we lived two hours away from Happy Hill, Hannah dealt with us by telephone and sent numerous emails with photos and information on the available puppies. Once we identified the puppy of interest, we made the trip to pick her up on December 24th. She was everything we had hoped for. Her name is Riley and she is a happy, healthy member of our family. She is 10 1/2 weeks old now and is extremely intelligent and loving. We would definitely recommend Happy Hill Pups to anyone looking for a new "best friend."
~ Keith, GA

Our beagle had passed away in November..After this we decided to go with a "beagle mix" After researching different types of mixes we decided on a Beaglier. I contacted Hannah and she answered any questions I had. Her family delivered Oliver to us by van to Massachusetts after delivering a couple of pups in New York..Her family was very friendly and loving so you could see that her puppies were really cared for by a very loving family and it was reassuring to us that Oliver didn't have to come by plane..We just got back from our vactaion in Maine and Oliver was wonderful...He is great with children and other pets and has a great personality...He is also very intelligent. I would highly recommend Happy Hill to anyone who is looking for a reliable breeder.
~ Angela, MA

Highly Recommend This Breeder
We purchased a Cavachon puppy from this breeder and have nothing but extremely positive comments. Hannah was very informative about the breed, accommodating when delivering the puppy (met us about 30 minutes away to deliver us our new puppy) and loved our puppy as if it was going to be her own. Hannah provided us with food, a blanket with the mothers scent and all the paperwork we needed (register forms, vet records). We now have a very happy and loving puppy in our home named Lucky.
~ Amy, KS

The Best Puppy From Wonderful Breeder!
I knew I was looking for a beagle mix and after doing some research found that the Beaglier breed was a perfect match for me. I came across Hannah's Beaglier puppy blog and fell in love. I could see my future puppy grow and play, which was extremely comforting. Since this is my first dog, I had many questions. Hannah and the Washburn family answered everything and gave me advice to best prepare for this new addition to my family. Lola Bea is almost 4 months now. She is wonderful with children and other animals. Lola Bea is extremely intelligent and knows over 15 commands without one day of puppy training class (we start next week). I highly recommend adopting from the Washburn family. You will be receiving a healthy and happy puppy that will grow to be a great dog. Plus having the comfort that you are adopting from a wonderful family and reputable breeder!
~ Michelle, OH

Great Experience And Great Puppy!
We recently purchased a Lab puppy from Happy Hill Farms after losing our older Lab. Hannah was a pleasure to work with, and our puppy, Kasey, is such a joy to us. Kasey is a very happy, beautiful, and intelligent pup. He has been very easy to train and such a wonderful addition to our family. Hannah and the entire family are wonderful and give the puppies much love prior to them going to their new homes. I highly recommend Happy Hill Farms to anyone looking to add a wonderful friend to their family. It was such a great experience, I want another puppy!
~ Vicki, AL

Emma The Beaglier
We recently purchased a female beaglier puppy from Happy Hills (Hannah Washburn). She is by far the best puppy we have ever owned. We have only owned labrador retrievers previously so I had lots of questions about owning a beaglier. Hannah was very patient and helpful as we decided if a beaglier was the best fit for our family pet. We picked her up at the breeders house and met the family. It is very obvious that these puppies are raised with love and attention. One of my good friends purchased a male from the same litter and we picked him up at the same time. Her family is also very happy with their puppy. We can not be happier with our new puppy from Happy Hills. We highly recommend Happy Hills (Hannah Washburn) as a breeder for smart, healthy, family friendly puppies.
~ Chrissie, IL

Chocolate Lab Pup
We recently purchased a chocolate lab puppy from Happy Hill Pups. Hannah was very informative and made the decision to buy from them relatively easy. We were able to see pictures before going to pick out our puppy and when we received him he was in great health! The environment these pups are kept in is very kid friendly and our little Brodie does very well around our 4 kids because of that. He is almost 11 weeks old and is doing very well. We would recommend Happy Hill Pups to anyone in search of a puppy!! 
~ Michael, Hannah, Kalli, Alissa, Addi, & Kortland, TN

Cavachon Puppy
I bought a female Cavachon puppy from this seller. The entire process was very organized and professional. My puppy arrived in excellent health. They even delivered her to me :-) If you are thinking about buying a puppy, I would definitely use this seller!
~ Chandrea, MS

I Couldn't Be More Pleased!
If I could rate Happy Hill Pups higher than a 5, I would! I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a Lab male from them and have been incredibly impressed and blessed! I was never one to fall in love with Lab puppies and never expected to one day own one! But, after meeting Buddy (my lab puppy), everything changed! Happy Hill Puppies are incredible! The first thing that stood out to me were their temperaments. Even the adult Labs. They had the sweetest temperaments anyone could want. Another thing that stuck out to me was how much those at Happy Hill Pups loved their dogs (and the puppies) and how very much they are all handled. If you are looking for a special puppy, this is the place to get it! You won't be disappointed at all!!! Everything about them has been great and I have bragged about them (and my puppy :)) ever since!
~ Samantha, ME

Perfect Experience!
We loved every minute of our experience with Hannah and the Washburn family of Happy Hill Pups. From our first inquiry, Hannah responded quickly and professionally. She answered all of our many questions. We brought home our Cavachon at 10 weeks and she has been a happy, healthy and well socialized pup. It was really a joy to work with Hannah and her family and I would recommend them to anyone!
~ Keri, TN

THE Best Puppies!!
Hannah and the entire Washburn family are so friendly, informative and caring when it comes to your decision on choosing a pet. There is really no one better to do business with. It has been a pleasure working with them. They truly care about their animals and want to place them in the best homes. I purchased a black lab puppy (Lola) from Hannah in the summer of 2009. Lola has the sweetest temperament but also loves to play and have fun. I attribute her wonderful personality to her early upbringing at Happy Hill Farm, where all the pups are loved from day one. Lola is also great with children because of her early association with the Washburn kids. This spring, when my husband and I decided it was time for puppy number 2, we knew exactly where to go. We added a white lab (Lilly) to our family in March! Again, these dogs are bred to be smart, sweet, playful, and they are all especially pretty! :) Thank you Washburn Family for all you do!!
~ Laura, TN

Praise For Beagliers
We purchased 2 Beaglier puppies from the same litter in June 2011. We reserved a female and couldn't resist getting her brother too when we picked them up! Our experience with the breeder family during the process was so positive and enjoyable! They actually felt like family. Plus, the love from the family really carries over to the pups. The pups were so calm and loving and well cared for... my vet was extremely pleased with how healthy the pups were! This breed, too, is the best we have experienced. I would recommend a Beaglier to everyone wanting a good puppy experience. They are smart, loving, easy to train, playful, and just such a blessing to our home. We love Daisy and Duke so much and they are great additions to our family thanks to Happy Hills Pups!
~ Beth, GA

New Addition.
The experience we had with the purchase of our new pup from Hannah and her family was unbelieveable. My wife and I had bred Labs in the past and we were very particular when it came time for us to add a new pup to our family. You can tell the whole Washburn family really enjoy animals and treated us as if we had been friends for years.there is a lot of love, time, and care put into these animals. I know that we made the right decision in choosing Happy Hill Labradors and have already recommended them to potential clients. Thanks Again!!! 
~ The Gills, TN

Happy Cavachons at Happy Hill Farm
We were looking for a companion for our Cockachon, whose "big brother" had passed on. We loved the personality of our Cocker-Bichon mix and hoped to find another. We looked and looked at hundreds of sites and pictures and stumbled across the Happy Hills site. The care and love for their puppies was expressed throughout the site, as well as the wonderful reviews. Besides, out of all the pictures, these puppies were the cutest of all. We spent most of our time communicationg with Sarah and Hannah, who were fantastic about answering questions and providing weekly updates and pictures of the litter we were watching. Our new Cavachon puppy has been the most loving, happy and adorable little fluff we could have ever imagined. His fur is softer than silk and while he likes to romp and play, when it is time to settle down, he is ready to lick your face and fall asleep in your arms. We are so fortunate to have discovered this small gem of a puppy farm.
~ James, KY

We recently bought a yellow Labrador from Happy Hills and named her Kuda. She is a wonderful addition to our family, playful, healthy and happy. I loved the fact that she was well socialized with children. All of my questions were answered right away and weekly updates and pictures were sent to me. It was a pleasure to do business with Happy Hills!
~ Mert, TN

Charlie from Happy Hills
Our family bought our cavachon puppy Charlie from Happy Hills in September of 2011. We could not have wished for any better experience! Hannah updated us with pictures and stories about our puppy before we even met her. We are lucky to have a happy, healthy and children-friendly puppy. She is 4 months old today and we sure know she comes from Happy Hill.
~ Mae, KY

Happy Buyer Of A Female Yellow Lab...
I spent an hour or more at the Washburn home in Nov 2011. I played with the pup I reserved online but also really liked another one and could not decide. The Washburns were very patient with me! Allowing me to take as much time as necessary to make my decision. I ended up taking my first choice...a female yellow lab who we call Lucy. She is an excellent well behaved and docile puppy. And she is very intelligent...potty trained right away and obeys commands. I could not be more pleased. I spent time with the mother who also had the same disposition and the father who was a retrieving machine! Hannah and the entire Washburn family are very nice and they obviously love what they do. The puppies are well cared for and the parents are on site. If you are looking for a puppy that has been taken care of by a loving family....search no further.
~ Eric, TN

Best Puppy From Wonderful Breeders
We purchased a Beaglier puppy from Happy Hills back in January. Hannah was prompt in calling me back and answered all of my questions. We arranged, on the spur of the moment, to meet in Georgia for the puppy swap. I enjoyed meeting Hannah and her parents and chatting with them while getting to know our puppy. Hannah and her parents are delightful. Our puppy couldn't be any cuter or more personable. She LOVES people and animals of all kinds. It is obvious that the puppies are raised with love. We have her in a puppy class and the trainer is amazed at what a long attention span our puppy has. Clearly, its from good genes and proper early socialization. I would purchase another puppy from Happy Hill in the future without question. Top notch people and puppies!
~ Jill, SC

In Love With Our Black Lab From Happy Hills
Buying our sweet Maeby from Happy Hills was the best decision we could have made! Hannah was wonderful to do business with. She and her siblings were incredibly patient with my husband and me as we attempted to pick one puppy from a litter of ten beautiful black labs in November 2011. We were very impressed with the temperaments of the parent dogs and see some of each in our Maeby. Hannah's father drove our puppy to meet us in the rain, on one of the busiest traffic days of the year. Talk about customer service. Our 14 week old girl has been such a joy to us already. She is playful, obedient, hilarious, and very affectionate. She also has a gorgeous coat and we know she will grow to be a beautiful female. When the time comes for us to add another dog to our family, we will be in touch. Thank you, Hannah, for a wonderful companion! 
~ Helen and Rob, GA

Very Happy!
We adopted a lab from Hannah in April and couldn't be happier! From the day we brought him home he was well socialized and learned things very quickly. The experience of buying him couldnt have been easier. My wife and I went for a visit and picked him out and then received weekly picture updates on how he was doing. He is now almost 6 months old and doing great! We have already talked about when we get another one we wouldn't go anywhere else!
~ Alex, TN