Monday, June 17, 2013

Continuing The Legacy

It has been awhile since I have posted on this blog, so I thought I ought to give a little update.

Yesterday marked exactly one year since Boaz passed away.

I still miss that fellow so much! The other day my father took my youngest sister with him to get a new computer and while he was busy figuring out what he needed, she started opening up the Happy Hill Pups site on all the display computers at the store! He told me later that one of the pages had Boaz's memorial post and when he read it, it made him cry! That dog was such a part of the family ... he was incredible and I wish he would have lived forever but since that isn't possible, I am enjoying one of the puppies from his last litter ...

Hannah's Ruger of Boaz and Chaya.

Her personality and facial expressions constantly remind me of her father!

She is very affectionate ... just has to be close to you ... and very intelligent ... a little too smart sometimes! I've heard people say they would rather a dog that isn't too smart over one that is, but I think I disagree :)

Golani isn't one of Boaz's puppies, but he is distantly related to him. You see, Boaz's great, great-grandfather was CH Receiver of Cranspire. And Golani's great, great, great-grandfather was also CH Receiver of Cranspire. I guess that makes them distant cousins, eh? :)

The funny thing is that one of Boaz's signature behaviors was to shake his head no when he was told to do something that he did not want to do! His mother did the same thing. Wanna guess who else shakes his head no? :)

Golani has been playing shortstop in the family wiffle ball games! He's great at getting the balls when they roll down the hill :)

Chaya is just as lively as ever ... loves to retrieve and play in water.

My younger siblings went camping on the back of our property a couple weeks ago and Chaya went with them. As my sister Abigail told it ... "Every time we would start to get comfortable, [Chaya] (who decided to come WITHOUT AN INVITATION) would come along and, after lavishing sloppy kisses all over me, would sit down on my head! Then she would lie down completely, making herself very comfortable! She’s a really big and fat dog, so it wasn’t like you could just push her over … she would just take over and use you as a pillow!!! And each time she settled on top of us, she would sneeze and give a satisfied sighhhhhh … and all three of us would burst out laughing!

Of course, I just laughed and laughed when they came in the next morning telling us all about it. Talk about personality and determination! And I didn't agree with them calling her "big and fat" :)

Lucy is still our only yellow female - I guess it must be a special status.

Samuel and Ruthie were very pleased with her the other day when a tennis ball got lost in the weeds and she went and tracked it for them without having seen where it went.

She is a vocal dog, not that she barks a lot ... but she talks! It's a half-bark half-whine that sounds like she's trying to give us a piece of her mind! 

Jasmine also went along for that campout the other night, but the children were very pleased with her because she stayed up on the trail and was a watchdog instead of using them for a pillow!

Jazz (as we call her for short) loves the water bucket and no sooner does it get cleaned and filled ... she has her front two paws kicking it up and splashing around.

She's also funny when it comes to eating ... she likes for us to stand beside her while she finishes her bowl. If we don't stand with her, she doesn't eat!

So there are all our beautiful Labs and you may be wondering where our beautiful puppies are! We missed several heats that we had expected would turn into litters so it has been awhile since we've had any Lab puppies around here. We do not have any pregnant dogs right now but all of our females are expected to have litters this fall. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for one of those litters, feel free to contact us.

[Most of these pictures were taken for our new website which is now up and running! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check it out - we have lots of past puppy pictures!]