Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jasmine's Puppies - Six Weeks - One Available Male!

Most of the puppies have gone to their new homes but we still have a few here.  One of these is available so I will post his pictures first.

This is Ramon.

He is alert and intelligent.

He is active and likes to play.

Special time with Mama :)

This is Arbel

He will be going to his new home tomorrow!

Don't play with the rose branch, Buddy!

Such an alert fellow!

This is Hermon

What a smile!

He will be going to his new home Sunday!

Brothers … Arbel and Hermon :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jasmine's Puppies - Five Weeks!

These puppies are growing up!

This is Meron - she is reserved.

Don't chew on the shoes, you naughty girl!

Sweet face :)

This is Moriah - she is reserved.

She wasn't reserved on the last post but her new family came and picked her out yesterday.

Miss Wide-Awake!

This is Olivet - she is available!

"I'm a bird dog … and you're a bird … what are we waiting for?" :)

Gotta love the tongue!  It looks almost like she stuck it out on purpose!

Taking pictures is hard work!

This is Arbel - he is reserved.

What do you see little fella?

That little cowlick on his nose is so funny!

This is Carmel - he is reserved.

Fetch your ball buddy!

Such a handsome fellow!

This is Gilboa - he is available!

Is there a chicken over there?

The farm boy!

Attacking a bush!

This is Golan - he is reserved.

I'm not sure how we ended up with only four pictures of him!  Guess he wasn't cooperating :p

This is Hermon - he is reserved.

"Are you taking my pictures again?"

"I'm going to hide behind this tree!"

This is Nes - he is reserved.

Looks like he wasn't in much of a photo mood either!

This is Ramon - he is available!

What did that taste like?

I like the sunshine in this one!

Busy sniffing!

This is Tavor - he is reserved.

"I'm outta here!"

"I'm not looking at you!"

If you're interested in one of our available puppies, please contact us for details!  You can email, or call 615-765-3110, or text 615-631-9312.